The flower and the glory, and an offer for you

I don’t have any particular schedule for when I change my blog banner but today is the day.

When looking back through all the old ones I can see that my graphic design skills aren’t that great, but I think there has been an improvement over the three years I’ve been doing this blog.

As usual I add my old one for posterity (click to view full image).

Jaycee Bloggs here

When I update my blog banner I choose a colour I like from it for my text link colours and change them also. I usually just change the link colour and the active link colour (the colour that you see when you hover over a link).

This is fine for the text in my actual blog but it also now involves changing link colours in a couple of widgets I have also. Luckily I’m somewhat familiar with HTML so this makes my job a lot easier.

The offer for you bit

Are you bored with your blog banner? Do you want a new one?

If you want, I’m willing to do you a new one and help you implement it if the thought of getting your hands dirty in your blog scares you silly. I’m only offering this for one person, so plead your case in my comments and I’ll pick my favourite out of the comments and then work with you to design a new banner.

You have one week from today, so last comments in by midnight Friday 17 August my time, that’s GMT +9.30 hours. (I’ve extended the deadline because I’ve had no takers yet even though people who’ve commented reckon it’s a great idea).

Disclaimer: I’m not a graphic designer, just a dabbler in Photoshop. If you want a professional graphically designed blog banner, then this offer isn’t for you.


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    I like your new header. I just changed mine recently and it gives you a lift. All the best to those entering the competition!

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    Ahhhhhhh….I knew you’d changed something. I like the new header but I also loved your old one.
    That’s a really nice offer you’re making to people. I hope you end up designing a banner for someone who is just as lovely and caring as you are.

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    I like my flower (and I like that your jj liked it too!) but I have given a mention of your comp in today’s post.

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    You are very kind. But, I am thinking of a complete makeover for my blog. I am in middle of few things – have to allot a weekend for doing it.

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    I liked your old one too!

    Okay, here’s me pleading my case…I LOVE to express myself through design, art, and colors, but unfortunately, I’m not gifted in the area of computer design. I’m launching a new business-Lacey Rose Photography-and I desperately need someone to help me create a masthead for my blog.

    I love Your eye, and would simply adore working with someone who could create something visually appealing to draw people in. Do you think you can help me?!

    Thanks so much!

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    Hey 600 post year old girl
    Can I plead my case of sorts please?
    Rather than a sexy new banner, I require an upper skin tweaking on my blog theme.
    There’s too much green grass showing for my liking and my posts start below the fold (almost).
    I rather like the colour and child focused nature of my theme so don’t want to simply change to a different theme.
    I am one of those who gets anxious at the though of hands being dirtied with html codes – tags are something you put on kids clothing are they not! I am such a baby that I have not even been game to attempt to have only one single alphabetised blog roll (oh…can you help me do that too please).
    So my plea: Please Ms J. I need your help because I don’t know how to do this and because I love you and because I linked to you and because I was a single Mum for 27,000 years too (but the toad I kissed a few years back turned into a Prince and now I am in love and got married again in March) and because you can make the header part of my blog look less like the incredible hulk hiding in the grass.
    That’s enough grovelling from me now.