The last autumn leaf

Lonesome leaf

Yesterday we hopped in the car and drove up the hills to Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens. I never knew until recently that there were even gardens there for the public to enjoy so I thought it would be a good time before winter sets in too much.

I’d hoped to see some autumn colour before all the leaves fall off the trees and I wasn’t disappointed. These trees with the red leaves were pretty much the last deciduous trees with any leaves on at all.

The last of autumn colour

JJ had me going all over the place up and down very steep paths and for the most part I obliged knowing that the exercise was doing me some good.

Good to see some water running down the hill

I can feel the results of that exercise today. One of the paths he led me down was a little bit steep and a little bit muddy. I constantly had to tell him to stop running because I had visions of him going ass-up on a gravel path and injuring himself, or falling down some steep hill.

The eyes have it I’d packed a picnic so we found a park bench to sit on and eat it after we’d warmed up sufficiently to sit still for a short time. On this tree JJ saw an inscription but I was more interested in these eyes. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Low cloudsNot long before we left the clouds dropped even lower and brought some light drizzle with them. We ended up back in the car calling a nearby friend and dropped in there to have a cup of warm tea by the fire.

If we do another winter trip to these gardens I’ll prepare better with warmer clothes and wet weather gear and food in our tummies beforehand. Having said that, we both enjoyed it, but we could have enjoyed it more and for longer.

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