Goodbye trainer wheels

Today was the first day JJ rode his bike without relying on trainer wheels. Truth is, he had to, or not ride his bike. This is the third set of trainer wheels we’ve had and they just aren’t robust enough for a 23kg boy who relies on them, because they bend. The trainer wheels were’t aligned with the bike wheels, they were more at 45 degree angles so if he did lean on one of them, he would inevitably fall off.

This morning he wanted to go for a ride and I tried to bash the trainer wheels back into alignment but it just didn’t work. I said to him why don’t I just put the trainer wheels up a notch so that they’re there if you need them but I don’t think you do need them. Fortunately he was confident enough to give this a go. We walked the bike over to the school and after a short amount of instruction from me about how to start off with one leg resting on the ground to start with, he was away like a pro.

I was so excited, actually we both were. I was so excited I even ran alongside the bike with him here and there. Unfortunately the chain came off the bike twice. This has happened before and our friend had fixed it for us but it must be a bit loose again.

JJ has a bigger bike in the shed that’s relatively new so I might dust that off, pump up the tyres and get him going on that if this smaller bike keeps losing it’s chain. It’s had a lot of wear and tear from its previous owner, my nephew.

Now, I have to get myself a bike. I promised him that when he stopped using the trainer wheels I would get a bike for myself and we could go riding together. That day has come my friends.


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    Today training wheels, tomorrow…cars. Okay, maybe not that fast Jen. Another milestone achieved….Yea for JJ! Have fun bike-riding….