I really need reminding that sometimes the grass is not always greener

Time for a change with my blog template. It also gives me an excuse to see what’s happening out in Photoshop land and have a bit of a practise. Generally my Photoshop skills aren’t that great and I don’t have heaps of time to spend. I did find this site where you can download heaps of free brushes. It looks really good on the site and I don’t know that I do it justice. I just visited his site and it appears as though he’s moving. I’ll try to keep this link updated though.

Here’s my old banner.


‘the grass is greener…’ bit is a reminder to me that the grass isn’t always necessarily greener. For example, people who earn more money aren’t necessarily happier, people in relationships aren’t necessarily happier, people who don’t have to get up early because they don’t have kids aren’t necessarily happier, people who live in really nice houses aren’t necessarily happier etc etc. It’s a reminder to me that these things don’t mean that the grass is greener.

My singledom, sole parenting and the financial worries that entails, and living in a house that isn’t what I’d really like to live in is really okay. I’ve got a good social life, I’ve got a pretty great kid, my house is at least on the way to being my own and I’ve got a reasonable job so my grass is really quite green. I don’t have to look over the fence in envy.


  1. says

    Jen, I LOVE this post….AND, I LOVE your new look. I really do. It’s soft and soothing…very nice. YOUR grass is a very beautiful green from what I can see. -Joy

  2. joared says

    I don’t know your bio, but you have to be younger than me.

    You are wise beyond your years, if you know the grass isn’t always greener…

    Liked your post on TGB. Each generation has so much to share with other generations. As with you, I experienced that sharing exchange when I was young, has continued throughout my life and will continue to do so. Can only hope the same for you.