Mini flood outside my backdoor

Outsidebackdoor_2 Last night in Adelaide there was quite a lot of rain. I made it home from work before the deluge but not long afterwards it absolutely poured. It’s not too often we see the rain sheeting down but that’s what it was like last night.

This photo shows all the water that poured into my backyard from the laneway right next door that is slightly higher than my backyard which is why the water looks like brown muck.

Not far from the potplants to the right of the picture is a drain in the ground but when I investigated tonight, it’s either a shoddy drain that doesn’t really go anywhere or it’s quite blocked. I’m hoping the latter and am ringing the plumber tomorrow.

I stood outside in this last night in bare feet sweeping the water away from the backdoor with my outside broom. I swept towards my neighbour’s house trying to remember what she had there (dirt or paving) but I thought she wouldn’t notice a bit of extra water coming into her backyard.

There was so much water that my single collection point at the back of the house (where this photo was taken) for the water run-off was completely overwhelmed and even though I was standing under the pergola, I was getting wet from all the water running over the sides of the gutters and coming through the small gap between the gutter and the edge of the pergola roof.

The water was going all around the side of the house as well and I was at a loss as to what to do. Fortunately it only continued for a relatively short time and this morning just the tide mark of the water was left.

I escaped any damage unlike some others around Adelaide and of course it’s nothing like New Orleans such a short time ago.

I am a bit Disillusioned people

A person who was fairly close to me rang me on the weekend to talk to me about something. They were quite defensive about what they had to say and during the course of the conversation they told two lies. At the time of the telling of these lies I knew they weren’t quite telling the truth but as this person has been a closish friend I was prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt.

I have since found out that they were lies and the more I think about it the more annoyed and upset I am. The lies don’t just involve this person and myself, they involve other people and the lies make me out to be someone I am not.

I’m obviously not going into heaps of detail here as I don’t want to publicly incrimate the guilty party but I am upset enough about it to write it down as writing things in my blog helps get things off my chest. I am hoping that this will work as I haven’t been able to think about much else for the last few days and I have been losing sleep over it.

I have completely lost any sliver of trust I had in this person and I don’t think it will ever be won back.

My, how quickly they can turn

Yesterday was a lovely spring day. The garden is looking all green due to the rain we’ve had lately, there was a bit of a breeze which moved the warm air around just enough not to feel to stifling and to keep any flies away.

I can sit outside on my garden bench and look over my backyard vista which is a joy to view now due to my work in the last two-three years (it was a barren dirtpatch prior to this) and talk on my newish walkabout phone which doesn’t crackle when I move to far away from its aerial and recharge station.

I had a good chat with a friend which happened in two parts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I also had a chat with a friend who had a couple of issues, one she raised and that’s been fixed and one she didn’t raise but that’s a whole other story.

Mum and dad came back from some time on Kangaroo Island to pick up their car so we got to say a quick hallo to them. Unfortunately they couldn’t stay as dad wanted to drive back home (a couple of hours away) and relax.

As it was such a lovely day I thought I’d fire up the barbeque for dinner. I whipped up a salad, made some chicken shaslicks and cut up some vegetables for barbequing. While I was cooking JJ ran around under the sprinkler squealing with glee yelling that it was really cold and then running back in for more. I think the neighbours probably thought I was trying to kill him but I guess if people are attuned to squeals of glee and squeals of torture they would have known that no torture was happening in our backyard.

We ate our dinner. There’s nothing like a barbeque. I will be doing more of them this year. I even cleaned up the barbeque hotplate after dinner so next time I want to use it, it will be ready to go.

By this stage JJ was pretty tired, he’d had a late night the night before and when I didn’t turn the sprinkler back on for him, his previous sweet nature changed in an instant. He cried and cried and nothing I could say would calm him.

He’s pretty much passed the full-on tantrum stage so I knew this wasn’t just a tantrum for the sake of having one. I knew he was tired and this is the worst time to try and reason. I had to wait it out until he calmed down. When he realised that I was not going to turn the sprinkler back on for him he quite happily put his pyjamas on and brought out Hairy McLary for me to read to him and walked to bed and got in himself and was asleep in a flash.

Looks like a whitewash to me

Last night I watched the beginning of the ABC news which I rarely do, but two of the top stories caught my attention.

First off, it was announced that Australia had received a specific terror threat. Our PM John Howard announced this but did not announce any details. I watch the TV show, 24 and the American President on this show does not announce anything unless it’s absolutely necessary (isn’t this based on real life?). I don’t understand why we would be told of a specific terror threat without any details at all unless the government wanted to push through legislation about new anti-terrorist laws.

Surprise surprise, that is what they are doing today. What a coincidence!

ABC News Online says:

‘The Senate will sit today to pass legislation the Federal Government
says could help authorities deal with a specific threat of terrorism.’

Tony Jones from ABC’s Lateline:

‘So just who – or what – has prompted the Government to make today’s
urgent changes to the anti-terror laws? With little information about
the exact nature of the threat, intelligence analysts have been forced
to speculate about the danger facing the public.’

But John Howard denies the coincidence:

‘The Prime Minister has rejected suggestions his announcement that
Australia is facing a possible terrorist threat has been timed to avoid
scrutiny of the industrial relations and counter-terrorism laws.’

So, if he’s not trying to rush through the anti-terrorism legislation, perhaps this is supposed to take the attention away from the Industrial Relations reforms our government is also trying to rush through the Senate.

On Lateline, Stephen Smith – Shadow Industrial Relations Minister said yesterday about the proposed reforms:

‘… And these proposals
are essentially an attack on the wages and conditions of employees and
to put it in high-tone public policy or economic terms, it’s simply a
straight-forward attempt to shift in the total factor income of the
economy a further proportion from the wages section to the profit
section. That’s what it is on about because the Government has this
view that if you do that, somehow we’ll suddenly be internationally
competitive with China and India and Indonesia and somehow there’ll be
a magic increase in employment. It’s an economic nonsense.’

I read somewhere yesterday that the government was trying to rush these through in one day and as I said earlier, it’s very ‘convenient’ that the anti-terrorism thing has happened on the same day to detract from this.

There is a strong push from unions and other groups against these reforms but I think the majority of the populuation is apathetic – even though we, as individuals, are largely powerless. One small thing I am doing, though, is to be a member of the union. As unions have some power to fight these changes I think more people should belong to a union.