Splendour in the Grass – or not

Yesterday morning when listening to Triple J a caller rang in very annoyed that he couldn’t get a ticket to this year’s Splendour in the Grass festival, yet when he looked on e-bay there were about 300 tickets for sale there at inflated prices of course. I noticed a similar thing with Adelaide Big Day Out tickets – but not to the same extent.

Then yesterday afternoon on Triple J’s Hack they did a story about this and rang someone who was selling a heap of tickets and naturally she did not want to comment.

Now I’ve just received a link to a story saying that these tickets on e-bay could be fake.

Personally I hope that these scalpers are left holding all the tickets they’ve bought but meanwhile the people who are genuine and really want to go miss out unless they are willing to risk potentially dodgy tickets and financial ruin. After looking at e-bay there are some people bidding up to $10,000 as at 3.30pm today so I guess this is quite inflated and they will NOT actually be buying their ticket as one caller to Hack said he might do. He didn’t care about negative feedback as a buyer.