Bit of stuff about JJ

JJ and I were in the bathroom the other day. I’d just finished getting ready and we were about to clean our teeth. He’s full of all sorts of stories these days and sometimes I listen and other times I just switch off. This time I was listening.

He was talking about having a sister, no I’m not pregnant and it’s unlikely he will ever have a sibling from my womb (he has a half brother and half sister that I know about but he’s never met them), and how girls are different from boys. He then went on to say that I’m different from him because I’ve got some fluff. I chuckled inwardly and said, ‘where’s my fluff?’ He came over to me and pointed and said, ‘down there’.

‘Yes, mummy has got some fluff down there and when you’re older you’ll get some fluff too.’ He didn’t quite get that but he’ll find out in time to come.


I took JJ to the doctor the other day because he’s been doing ‘nasty coffess’ (coughs) for over a month now and it’s dragged on far too long so I thought I’d better get it checked out. We sat down in the doctor’s surgery and I proceeded to tell the doctor that JJ has had a nasty cough for a few weeks now and I wanted to get him checked out. I said that JJ hasn’t been sick other than the nasty coffess and his phlegm is clear.

The doctor checked out JJ’s ears and his chest then sat down the other side of his desk. He said I could either give him a puffer or some cough medicine. I must have been sitting there with my mouth open at the mention of a puffer. He’s only got a nasty cough for christ’s sake, not bloody asthma. I didn’t say this because I was just incredulous that the doctor would even think of prescribing him a puffer without some more investigating and talk. I must have continued to sit there with my mouth open and a funny look on my face as the doctor then decided to prescribe him some $18 cough medicine.

I was thrown for a bit of a six with the puffer suggestion and how easily such a thing can be offered. I wasn’t going to take antibiotics because if JJ had an infection he would be noticably sick and have nice green phlegm but I was not prepared for the puffer thing.

I’m going to do a bit of research about this and see what I can find out so I’m prepared for the next suggestion as I feel there might be one.

JJ reminds me to give him his medicine. He loves taking it. Wonder how he would feel about a puffer?