A girl MUST go out when she gets a babysitting offer

I was on the phone to a friend on Thursday at work and she offered to babysit my son and my friend’s daughter so we could both go out.  Without even hesitating I said a very emphatic, ‘Yes’. So we’re off to see Pornland’s last gig. I used to go and see them before child and am pretty sure I haven’t seen them since then. When they first started they used to do quite a few 70’s glam type covers then they changed more into original stuff which was pretty good but didn’t grab me in quite the same way.

I’m hoping that tonight they play a bit of everything they’ve done over the last seven years, original and not. The outfit is planned, the facemask has been on and is now washed off and I shall soon have the shower I’ve put off from this morning. Oh, and the coffee will be brewing after I’ve had my shower as I need a caffeine boost. And boost it shall be as I rarely drink hot coffee so it should guarantee wakefulness for a few hours to come yet.

It’s so rare that I have a spontaneous evening like this out that I am really looking forward to it so I hope that it shall be a fun night.

On a different note, I had planned to comment on Jamie Oliver’s new show, ‘Jamie’s Dinners’ but Loobylu has sneaked in before me so have a read. All I will say is I always admired him but that has increased tenfold now as his passion just shines through via his cooking more so than it ever did when he just made meals in front of camera. You would have to be passionate to try and get London councils to agree to use your school dinner menus and then even more passionate to get recalcitrant kids to try your food that doesn’t consist of fattening junk food. Full credit to him.

One year and a bit on – and I’m still going

I just realised it’s been one year and a little bit since I started this blog. I’m really quite proud of myself for sticking it out and I have no intention of stopping right now.

When I was studying for my degree a particularly inspiring lecturer told me to write every day and I did start doing this for a while but I found it hard to get home from work and sit down and write in my journal. And this was before I had a kid so there would be no hope for me now.

A weblog is the perfect answer for me as I can belt something out really quickly so long as I’m online and I am online a fair amount. I can also touch type so typing this entry will only take five minutes. I am now writing nearly every day and still trying to find a direction for my writing.

Happy anniversary to me.

Three-year-olds rule

The other night was the first time JJ had a friend sleepover. It was a friend whose parents happen to be friends of mine and they also go to the same childcare so I see said friends daughter (S) fairly often.

Nonetheless I was a bit nervous of being able to entertain, cope, cope and cope. S was dropped off about 6pm and with the remaining bit of daylight S and JJ had a jump on the trampoline. As S is not used to the trampoline and JJ is, there was a bit of friction to start off with but they ended up sharing the trampoline really well together while I hustled off into the kitchen to make pizzas.

I won’t go into a blow-by-blow description of every activity and arguement they had but overall the overnight stay was a roaring success and I am more willing to venture into the overnight stay for JJ’s friends again.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the easiest thing to do. I’m in a routine with JJ and I know what he will and won’t do (well mostly) so with an extra child there is that extra dynamic of now knowing what that child will get up to so I have to be more attentive than I might otherwise be.

What didn’t work

  • Having JJ’s bottle of water in his bedroom that they both drank a lot out of and consequently both needed to go to the toilet in the middle of the night – one made it, one didn’t.
  • Sleeping in the same room. I think I was asleep before they were. And of course they woke each other up in the morning. This probably won’t change with subsequent sleepovers though. I will just have to try and find a way of managing it better.

What did work

  • The trampoline – a big hit.
  • The bubble blowing kit that S brought with her.
  • Food – that always works. My homemade pizzas went down pretty well.

I was really tired the night after and went to bed about 8.30pm so I wouldn’t recommend a sleepover like this before a big night.

Sparkly heaven

For my op-shop purchases I can see a theme emerging – sparkly clothes. Whenever I look at clothes, second-hand or new, I gravitate towards the sparkly ones. My whole wardrobe does not consist solely of sparkles but I could put a few sparkly outfits together no problem.

This latest purchase follows the sparkly theme.

Goodwill – Hindley Street, Adelaide

Price $5.00Brownsparkles

The moon

Tonight I was adding some dirty dishes to the ever increasing pile on the sink – I have no dishwasher – and looked out the window and saw the three-quarter full moon. It got me wondering if the moon shifts where it rises and sets like the sun does with different seasons. Science was never my strong point at school so if someone can confirm this I’d like to know.

Seeing the moon at this particular side of my house reminds me of winter and cold nights and of the time when my son was a newborn baby. It’s not winter right now but the nights are getting chillier and it’s time to start thinking about getting some firewood in for the winter.

JJ was born in late June which is pretty much the coldest time of year in Adelaide and I had all sorts of trouble with him sleeping (mostly not sleeping) at night. Of course he did sleep but he was sometimes hard to settle once he’d had a feed and the witching hours of late afternoon/early evening were a nightmare.

I lost all my pregnancy weight in the first couple of months of his life because every time I sat down to eat he would start crying and the crying stressed me out so much that I couldn’t just sit down and eat while he was carrying on. I remember sitting down in the evening with JJ hanging off a breast while I leaned over the table and tried to eat dinner. Feeding him was a pretty good guarantee of peace and quiet. I don’t think this was a good way of eating and it probably wasn’t good for him either but as he was so hard to settle, and I didn’t have any help, it was either do that or not eat until really late.

Anyway, some nights after the midnight or therabouts feed, and after I’d put him back down to sleep he would more often than not in those early months take a while to fall asleep. Rather than take all my warm layers off and go to bed and have to get up every five minutes to check on him while he was crying I would go outside and have a cigarette. I started smoking again during this period as it was a way of escaping from the noise for five minutes and getting a grip until I went back inside. Of course this was my excuse. This occurred a lot during the night when the moon was out so it was really peaceful standing or sitting outside having a cigarette and basking under the moonlight – even though it was really cold. The backyard is sufficiently far away from his bedroom that I couldn’t hear him cry and I had time to contemplate.

Eventually JJ would settle down and I could go and snatch a couple of hours sleep until the next hunger cries woke me up and they seemed to happen a lot those first eight weeks or so. One night I was outside basking under the moon and I felt this fog lift from me. JJ’s sleeping was starting to settle down, and I think I was starting to settle into the motherhood thing and get into a rhythm. The relentlessness of feeding him every couple of hours was slowing down and I was just learning that feeding him so much wasn’t necessarily the answer. The poor thing was probably tired which was why he cried so much. Nobody ever really told me that babies can get so overtired that they just will not settle and once I learnt this it made so much sense and more sleep worked. He was much happier, fed much more easily less often and a happier baby who sleeps more makes for a much happier mum.

JJ sleeping more meant that I didn’t have an excuse to go and stand outside and look up at the moon and soak in the quiet night peace. I have long since given up cigarettes again, apart from a very occasional rollie, but I still miss standing outside on the cold moonlit nights, or maybe I miss my son’s babyhood.

Hard to be motivated

Whenever I’m having a down in the dumps day I find it hard to write anything for my blog, so I’m letting you know that I’m down in the dumps today and don’t feel like writing anything – much.

A proud moment

As we usually do, we went for a walk yesterday with JJ and Monty dog. This was after I put a new tube in the pram and went to the service station to pump it up. I successfully pumped up the new tyre, then thought I’d do the other two to make them even but couldn’t even get the little caps off. I even got a strapping young man who was waiting to pump up his car tyres to help me and he couldn’t budge them. I gave up and realised I’d lifted some skin of my delicate office worker finger. So not only do I have uneven tyres, I have a sore finger.

MontyBut the pram was still usable so off to the oval we went. It’s a few minutes walk from my place and what makes it great for me is that I can let JJ out of the pram to go on the play equipment, and let Monty off the lead, and they can both have a run around.

Montyplayground As usual JJ started off on the slippery dip while Monty had a good sniff around and did lots of wees. While she was off doing her business JJ moved off the little slippery dip onto the big one not far away. Meanwhile Monty came back and frantically ran around the little slipper dip looking for her brother, JJ. I yelled out to JJ to call Monty so she would know where he was and that he was safe. Monty eventually cottoned on that JJ was ok and that he wasn’t far away. I was so proud of Monty and really stoked that she obviously cares for her brother. I’ve always thought that Monty thought JJ was a hindrance to her being taken out for walks and that she resented him being around but obviously she considers him part of the family and someone else to protect.