One year and a bit on – and I’m still going

I just realised it’s been one year and a little bit since I started this blog. I’m really quite proud of myself for sticking it out and I have no intention of stopping right now.

When I was studying for my degree a particularly inspiring lecturer told me to write every day and I did start doing this for a while but I found it hard to get home from work and sit down and write in my journal. And this was before I had a kid so there would be no hope for me now.

A weblog is the perfect answer for me as I can belt something out really quickly so long as I’m online and I am online a fair amount. I can also touch type so typing this entry will only take five minutes. I am now writing nearly every day and still trying to find a direction for my writing.

Happy anniversary to me.


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    Happy Belated Blogiversary! It’s great to know you love it so much that you don’t want to stop, isn’t it? PS-I love the current design.