A proud moment

As we usually do, we went for a walk yesterday with JJ and Monty dog. This was after I put a new tube in the pram and went to the service station to pump it up. I successfully pumped up the new tyre, then thought I’d do the other two to make them even but couldn’t even get the little caps off. I even got a strapping young man who was waiting to pump up his car tyres to help me and he couldn’t budge them. I gave up and realised I’d lifted some skin of my delicate office worker finger. So not only do I have uneven tyres, I have a sore finger.

MontyBut the pram was still usable so off to the oval we went. It’s a few minutes walk from my place and what makes it great for me is that I can let JJ out of the pram to go on the play equipment, and let Monty off the lead, and they can both have a run around.

Montyplayground As usual JJ started off on the slippery dip while Monty had a good sniff around and did lots of wees. While she was off doing her business JJ moved off the little slippery dip onto the big one not far away. Meanwhile Monty came back and frantically ran around the little slipper dip looking for her brother, JJ. I yelled out to JJ to call Monty so she would know where he was and that he was safe. Monty eventually cottoned on that JJ was ok and that he wasn’t far away. I was so proud of Monty and really stoked that she obviously cares for her brother. I’ve always thought that Monty thought JJ was a hindrance to her being taken out for walks and that she resented him being around but obviously she considers him part of the family and someone else to protect.