You’re wonderful mum, I’ll be wonderful later….

said my son as I packed him into the car to take him to his babysitters for the night so I could go to a party. I said to him, ok you be wonderful for mummy tomorrow when she’s feeling a bit tired. He was pretty wonderful yesterday too. He even had a sleep after lunch on the beanbag so I had a sleep too which I sorely needed.

I didn’t get home from my party till about 4am which is pretty late for me but as I’d driven I held off a bit to digest a few strong drinks I’d had earlier. It was yet another 40th I went to. This year I’ve gone to at least five 40ths and next year will be no different. Mine’s the year after that and I think by the time it comes around I’ll be 40th’d out and not want to bother. Then when all the 40ths finish it will be just about time to start the 50th birthday celebrations and I guess that time will come a lot more quickly than any of us would like.

Oh, the gastro scare from last Friday turned out not to be gastro thank goodness. The sick boy in question woke up a couple of hours later asking for a sandwich and was absolutely fine. Fingers still crossed!